Skript partners with Saasu to streamline bank data feeds through CDR integration


Skript is excited to announce its partnership with Saasu, an innovative online accounting software provider. This collaboration will empower Saasu to leverage Skript’s solution to automate bank data feeds into their platform via the Consumer Data Right (CDR).


Saasu provides comprehensive online accounting solutions designed specifically for Australian small businesses. With invoicing, expenses, cashflow forecasts, and inventory management, Saasu has established itself as a trusted ally for entrepreneurs across the country.

As part of the partnership, Saasu has become Skript’s CDR Representative. By integrating Skript’s proven technical solution, Saasu will enable seamless and secure automation of bank data feeds directly into their platform, eliminating the need for manual processes and ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial information.

“We are thrilled to partner with Saasu and support their vision of delivering cutting-edge accounting solutions to small businesses in Australia,” said Eric Tsang, CEO of Skript. “Through our CDR integration, Saasu users will benefit from streamlined access to their bank data, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of their financial management.”

The integration of Skript’s technical solution will empower Saasu users to:

  1. Automate bank data feeds: By leveraging the power of the CDR, Saasu users can seamlessly connect their bank accounts and automate the retrieval of financial data, reducing manual efforts and ensuring real-time accuracy.
  2. Streamline financial management: With automated data feeds, users can maintain accurate records, track cashflow, generate professional invoices, and streamline payment processes, all within the Saasu platform.
  3. Enhance data security and privacy: Skript’s robust infrastructure and adherence to stringent security protocols protect the privacy and security of sensitive financial information, allowing Saasu users to operate with confidence.


“We are excited to partner with Skript and leverage their technical solution to enhance the capabilities of our platform,” said Kheang Ly, CEO of Saasu. “This collaboration will enable us to provide our users with a seamless and secure experience, empowering them to focus on what they do best – running and growing their businesses.”


About Skript:

Skript is a leading provider of Open Banking infrastructure capabilities. As an Accredited Data Recipient under the Australian Consumer Data Right, Skript has verified access to all Australian banks.

Skript’s purpose is to create simple and accessible solutions that connect businesses to the world of Open Banking. Our infrastructure capabilities go far beyond data and makes it possible to deliver banking services outside the banking environment.

A new era of finance is emerging. Skript’s mission is to provide businesses with meaningful tools and data to get them ready.

About Saasu:

Saasu is an Australian online accounting software provider designed specifically for small businesses, sole traders, startups, and contractors. 

With comprehensive features including invoicing, expenses, and cashflow forecasts, Saasu empowers businesses to manage their finances efficiently and make informed decisions. 

With its recent inclusion as part of erly, Saasu continues to evolve and provide innovative solutions to support the success of Australian businesses.

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