Developer Portal

Interested in Open Banking Data? Sign up to the free Skript Developer Portal to access Skript API documentation and credentials for our sandbox environment.

Why Skript APIs?

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As a fully accredited CDR data recipient we are required to conform to the highest standards around data security and development practices.

Secure open banking infrastructure


We aggregate open banking data requests allowing you to get all the information you need with a single ID for each of your customers.

Open Banking Data Opportunities


Skript’s powerful APIs allow you to filter and sort data in the API request itself reducing both development time and the amount of information you are responsible for storing.

How to get up and running with Skript

  1.  Register an account on the Skript Developer Portal at
  2.  View the Skript API documentation on the portal.
  3. Use the Developer Portal to generate a set of credentials that you can use to access the sandbox APIs.
  4. Test the APIs either within the Developer Portal directly or by downloading the Postman collection provided.
  5. If you have any questions regarding our APIs please please contact us and we will respond promptly.
  6. If you would like to proceed with a live Skript API implementation contact us to begin your onboarding process
Open Banking automatically uploads bank statements

Skript is a fully Accrediited Data Recipient user the Consumer Data Right which requires us to conform to the highest security standards

Our APIs are built based on industry best practices for a secure solution that follows the implementation patterns you already use.

The Skript endpoints allow you to query and sort data in the request, saving you valuable time and computing resources.


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