Skript Launches Subskript: The Automated Solution for Secure Bank Data Feeds for Businesses via Open Banking

Skript’s founders: Sarah Wallis (CIO), Eric Tsang (CEO), and Mark Wallis (CTO)

Skript is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product, Subskript. This powerful API-based solution provides businesses with a secure and reliable way to access their bank data feed directly into their own system, without the need to connect to multiple bank data sources or deal with manual processes.

Subskript’s advanced APIs simplify the process of automating bank data feeds for businesses of all sizes. With Subskript, businesses can now seamlessly connect to all their Australian bank accounts through a single set of APIs. This eliminates the need for businesses to deal with less reliable sources involving CSV files or screen scraping.

Subskript is also compliant with the Consumer Data Right (CDR), making it the only automated way for businesses to access their own banking data via CDR. Because businesses are accessing their own data, there are no accreditation requirements with the CDR. The solution is secure and reliable, with a simple consent process and continuous flow of data straight into their system.

“At Skript, we understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to managing bank data feeds,” said Eric Tsang, CEO of Skript. “With Subskript, we have created an economical solution that simplifies the process, eliminates the need for manual processes and provides businesses with anytime access to reliable, accurate and secure data.”

Skript is on a mission to remove barriers and drive adoption of Open Banking in Australia, by delivering a range of valuable, yet economical, solutions to the market. Subskript is available now, with prices starting as low as $29 a month.

Skript offers both API and application based solutions including:

  • Superskript – full suite of Open Banking APIs for businesses to collect bank data from their customers – from $490 a month
  • Transkript – the only no-code application for Trusted Advisers to securely request and collect Open Banking data and documents from their customers – from $49 a month
  • Subskript – APIs for businesses to access their own bank data feeds – from $29 a month


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About Skript

Skript is a leading provider of Open Banking infrastructure capabilities. As an Accredited Data Recipient under the Australian Consumer Data Right, Skript has verified access to all Australian banks.

Skript’s purpose is to create simple and accessible solutions that connect businesses to the world of Open Banking. Our infrastructure capabilities go far beyond data and makes it possible to deliver banking services outside the banking environment.

A new era of finance is emerging. Skript’s mission is to provide businesses with meaningful tools and data to get them ready.

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