About us

Skript is an Australian-based fintech founded in 2021 by three payments and banking technology specialists. 

To us, the future of banking is clear. The new world of Open Banking will lead to a radical transformation in banking services over the next decade. Rather than customers going to the bank, the future will be about taking banking services to customers.  

Our why is our desire to contribute to this future state.

Skript combines the product capabilities of a customer-centric technology company with the expertise of a bank.  Drawing on our deep experience in business banking data and technology, we can help organisations build better financial and banking services for the small-to-medium business sector.

As an infrastructure provider, our product offering is built with a technology-first approach. Our business model is API centric and our technology platform is built with the highest level of security baked into all layers.

We are excited to be a part of this Open Banking transformation journey.

Meet the team

Eric is a master strategist with a strong vision and years of experience at the forefront of financial technology. A serial entrepreneur, he is no stranger to the startup journey. Over the last decade, Eric has been the driver of digital innovation in startups and some of the world’s most progressive organisations.

His vision lets him see how emerging technologies can change entire ecosystems. He has a passion for telling compelling stories, explaining how financial technology can drive transformational customer experiences.

Eric has been a key player in many of the latest technology journeys, including leading Open Banking initiatives (before Open Banking was even a thing), and driving the adoption of emerging payments innovation.

Mark is a rare breed that brings both an academic and industry perspective to technology solutions.

A systems architect at heart, Mark has led the development of Australia’s most successful digital payment solution over the last two decade. With a PhD and industry recognised network security accreditation (CISSP) to his name, he specialises in building systems that can scale, maintain compliance and stand the test of time.

Mark’s discipline is second to none, helping him to find success across multiple practices. Not only is Mark a well regarded payments technology expert, he is also a long standing computer science lecturer, and a certified karate instructor.

Sarah is a unicorn all-rounder. She can code, she can cloud, she can lead, she can strategise. She’s even has an MBA on top of her Computer Science degree.

At the core, she’s a technologist who has solid experience in operations, people leadership, and product management. Sarah is the one who makes things happen.

Sarah has worked as both a technical and project lead implementing enterprise payment solutions for some of Australia’s largest companies

Sarah is the bridge between business and technology – a critical skill in any technology business. She is the one who keeps everything together.