Get your own banking data via API

Automate your internal processes by aggregating your bank data feeds across all your banks.

From $99 per month. No lock-in contracts.


Direct bank data feed from over 110 banks

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Transaction details

Descriptions, amounts, dates, payees and payers

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Account details

Balances, numbers, account type, interest rates

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Customer details

Name, address, contact details

Try it for yourself

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Why our APIs

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Filtering and sorting

Flexible requests that allow you to filter and sort across all our API calls to save you valuable time and computing resources.

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Industry best practices

Our APIs follow the implementation patterns you already use.

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Open Banking, simplified

Data centred around your customer, not Open Banking consents.

What accreditation is required to access Subskript?

This is your data, so you don’t need to be accredited.

You will only be able to access your own data, not that of your customers or other third parties.

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