Income & Expense Verification

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Current banking problems

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In order to make an informed decision on lending, credit or to provide lending brokering services, you need customers to manually share multiple documents with you. You then need to manually review and obtain insights from these documents. This is a lengthy, manual and costly process.

Skript open banking solves problems

How Skript can help

We can provide you with a platform to automatically ingest a customer’s transaction history and categorise this to obtain insights on their financial position.

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Open Banking automatically uploads bank statements

Transaction History

Get a list of your customer’s transactions directly from their bank via Open Banking. No more manual uploads and reviews of bank statements.

Account holdings

Get an overview of accounts your customer holds directly from their bank.

Identifying loans with Open Banking

Assets and Liabilities

See your customer’s assets and liabilities held with their banks via Open Banking.


Request any other information you require such as pay slips, income statements, tax statements, etc.


Use our API Open Banking solution

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