Welcome to simple Open Banking APIs

Create powerful customer experiences with a superset of your customer’s rich historical and real-time financial data.


Detailed CDR data

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Transaction details

Descriptions, amounts, dates, payees and payers

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Account details

Balances, numbers, account type, interest rates

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Customer details

Name, address, contact details

Account Check

Make sure the account details entered by your customer match the details from their bank.

No more micro-deposits.


Account Balance Check

Check your customer’s account balance in real-time before you charge them.

Say goodbye to surprises in your billing run.

Customer Check

Check your customer’s details match the details they gave you.

No more wasting time administering incorrect customer details.


Try it for yourself

Check out our Developer Portal for free to begin your own testing and development using Skript’s APIs.


Why our APIs

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Filtering and sorting

Flexible requests that allow you to filter and sort across all our API calls to save you valuable time and computing resources.

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Industry best practices

Our APIs follow the implementation patterns you already use.

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Open Banking, simplified

Data centred around your customer, not Open Banking consents.

What accreditation do I need to access Superskript?

For most of our Superskript features, we only share insights with you rather than the raw data. This means you don’t need to be accredited as the data isn’t personally identifiable information.

If you would like raw data, for example transaction data, then you will need to be accredited with the CDR, or become a CDR Representative. This is something Skript can help you with. However, if you fall under a Trusted Advisor profession, you do not need either of these. Check out our FAQs for more details on what accreditation you need.

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