The script for Open Banking

Open Banking Data Opportunities

Not just data

With our tools and infrastructure, you have the spade to dig for gold in a world powered by Open Banking data and capabilities.

Secure open banking infrastructure

Accessible & secure

We provide a layer of infrastructure incorporating security, maintenance and hosting for solutions that allow you to focus on what you do best. Plug in and leave the rest to us.

Skript user experience

Simple products done well

We don’t care for noise and fluff, just simple products that work really well. This is reflected in our seamless user experience, which is at the heart of our product design.

A new world of finance is coming. We provide you with the tools and data to get you ready.

Data Skript

Transforming data into information

Providing you with the right data and insights to build meaningful relationships with your customers.

Lending Skript

More action – less work

Re-imagining the lending process by enabling a seamless customer experience and more informed decision making.

Use Cases

Use our open banking product to verify customer details

Customer Verification

Use our open banking solution so your direct debit never fails

No Fail Direct Debit

Make your banking processes better with our API solution

Internet Banking

Use our Lending Skript product to make better loan decisions


Access our APIs

Check out our Developer Portal for free to begin your own testing and development using Skript’s APIs.

About Us

To us, the future of banking is clear. The new world of Open Banking will lead to a radical transformation in banking services over the next decade. Rather than customers going to the bank, the future will be about taking banking services to customers.  

Our why is our desire to contribute to this future state.

We make simple and usable products. We know all the tech rules and comply accordingly so our products are not only API centric but they are always built with the highest level of security.

Who We Are

Skript was established to create simple and accessible solutions that connect your business to the world of Open Banking. Our expertise combines the know-how from our banking days along with our love of products that make life easier.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower your business and make your day to day activities seamless. We are not paper shufflers, we are not pillow fluffers, we just get you what you need, and make it make sense.

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