Use Cases

How can Skript help you to make a real positive impact on your customers while solving some of your own pain points in the process? Here are some of the problems we’re solving.
Use our open banking solution so your direct debit never fails
Use our open banking product to verify customer details

Customer Verification

Use our open banking solution so your direct debit never fails

No Fail Direct Debit

Make your banking processes better with our API solution

Internet Banking

Use our Lending Skript product to make better loan decisions


Featured Use Case

Our products can help you in a great variety of ways to streamline and improve your business processes. 

Here is one way that Data Skript can help you out.

Is this you?

When customer details are entered incorrectly during a manual onboarding process, records are often incorrect and payment collection fails, causing ongoing administration.

How Skript can help?

We provide data directly from your customer’s bank to ensure you have correct, verified personal and account details, and by using information they have already given their bank, your onboarding process will be as seamless as ever.

Access our APIs

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