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Current banking problems

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You have all the tools to offer your customers a world-class personal finance management capability, but you don’t have the rich historical data that a traditional bank would.

Skript open banking solves problems

How Skript can help

We can provide data directly from your customer’s bank so your customers don’t need to manually upload bank statements, and your solutions can reach their full potential and impact on your customer’s finances.

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Superskript can provide data directly from your customer’s banks so your solutions are powered by the right information. To receive raw data you need to be an accredited CDR participant.

Aggregate accounts across banks

No more logging into multiple bank channels to manage finances

Australian Open Banking solutions
Open Banking automatically uploads bank statements

Automatically provide a complete transaction history

No more manual uploads of bank statements

Provide a real-time financial position

You are now the source of truth for your customer

Responsive Open Banking service

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