Customer Verification and Onboarding

Skript customer verification and onboarding
Current banking problems

Is this you?

When customer details are entered manually during the onboarding process, records are often incorrect and payments fail, causing ongoing administration and a poor customer experience. 

Skript open banking solves problems

How Skript can help

We provide data directly from your customer’s bank to ensure you have correct, verified personal and account details, and by using information they have already given their bank, your onboarding process will be as seamless as ever.

Let us show you how​

Superskript can provide the following insights to you, and because this isn’t personally identifiable information you don’t even have to be accredited.

Customer Check

Does your customer’s name match the details from their bank?

account details match with bank

Account Check

Do the account details entered by your customer match the details from their bank?

Balance Check

Does your customer have sufficient funds in their account for you to collect your payment?

Open Banking solutions

Superskript can also provide raw data to you so your onboarding process is as seamless as possible. To receive raw data you need to be an accredited CDR participant.

Get Customer Details

No more lengthy forms filling out contact details, address, etc.

Shorten form process with Open Banking
Open Banking automatically uploads bank statements

Get Transaction History

No more uploading bank statements manually into your system

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