Bank Feeds

Automating the way you get your data

Join the movement of companies choosing to automate their bank data feeds through the legislated and secure Consumer Data Right (CDR).

Australian Open Banking Skript

🪧 Problem

Businesses need an automated and secure way of feeding their bank data into their internal systems or ERP.

💡 Solution

We provide access to all your bank data via a single API, which can integrate directly into your own systems.

Automate your bank feeds with Subskript

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Full data set

Transaction-level details including merchant category, account details such as closing balance, and much more

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Coverage across all banks

Subskript accesses your data via the Consumer Data Right (CDR), which covers every bank in Australia

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Secure yet seamless

CDR means you don’t need to compromise security for convenience

Why Consumer Data Right?

Not only do you get better quality data across every bank in Australia, but the CDR has been designed with security at the forefront to keep your data safe.

  • Privacy and security
  • Government legislated
  • Access to every bank (ADI) in Australia
  • Consistent data set across banks
  • Historical data
  • Open and closed accounts
  • All bank account types, including term deposits and credit cards
Open Banking (CDR)

Direct Bank APIs


Direct Bank APIs