Skript joins the CDR ecosystem as an Accredited Data Recipient


In order for the Consumer Data Right (CDR) to work, Australian consumers need to be able to trust that anyone involved in handling their data is well equipped to keep it safe and secure. This is why any data recipients must undergo rigorous assessments on their company structure, processes and information security. 

This month, Skript successfully passed this process and became an Accredited Data Recipient. We, as a team, are super excited by this because it is a key milestone towards our vision of becoming an enabler for businesses across any industry to provide better products and services via Open Data. It also validates Skript’s commitment to data privacy and security – this is something we really care about.

You can check out the CDR’s list of accredited companies here, with Skript’s accreditation details here.

So what’s next for Skript?

Receiving this accreditation was the first step, and now we can focus on finalising our technical capabilities before we can interact with the live CDR ecosystem. We can’t wait to show the world our products, so stay tuned!

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