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Current banking problems

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In order to make an informed decision on lending, you need customers to manually share multiple documents with you. You then need to manually review and obtain insights from these documents. This is a lengthy and costly process.

Skript open banking solves problems

How Skript can help

We can provide you with a platform to automatically ingest a customer’s transaction history and categorise this to obtain insights on their financial position. We can also run a serviceability check so customers have a good idea on whether they are eligible for your loan before formally applying, making the whole process more efficient.

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Lending Skript creates more action with less work by providing you with the infrastructure and data you need to fast-track and automate your serviceability checks. To receive raw transaction data you need to fall into a Trusted Advisor category, e.g. mortgage brokers, or be an accredited CDR participant. Otherwise, we can also make Lending Skript available by only giving you insights on whether your customer has met your serviceability criteria, and you don’t need to be accredited.

Identify loans that meet your customer’s requirements

Narrow the scope of a serviceability check by first identifying the loans that match your customer’s requirements.

Identifying loans with Open Banking
Open Banking automatically uploads bank statements

Automatically provide a complete and categorised transaction history

No more manual uploads and reviews of bank statements

Conduct a real-time serviceability check

Use the customer’s bank data to drive a more accurate check that is more likely to result in a successful loan

Use our API Open Banking solution

All with a beautiful User Interface

No more complex spreadsheets and meaningless data sets

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