Lending Skript

More action – less work

Re-imagining the lending process by enabling a seamless customer experience and more informed decision making.


Minimise manual effort from both you and your customer

More action - less work

Minimise manual effort from both you and your customer so you’re using your time to focus on serving more people.

instant financial data analysis

No waiting time

We digitise the process to capture your customers’ financial data,  and run real-time serviceability check across a range of loan products.

customers to verify transaction categorisation increasing accuracy of credit assessments

More accurate

Allow your customers to verify their transaction categorisation to increase accuracy of your credit assessments.

automated data input into credit decisioning

Risk management

Better manage your credit risk by standardising and automating the data input to your credit decisioning and ongoing risk.

How It Works


Loan product matching

We match lending products to your customer’s loan requirements


Get consent

We host the process to get consent from your customer to share their transaction data, in accordance with CDR requirements


Get data

We collect your customer’s data from their financial institutions


Categorise transactions

We categorise your customer’s transactions and allow the customer to review and confirm for accuracy


Serviceability check

We conduct a serviceability check against the selected loan products and share the results with you

What accreditation do I need to access Lending Skript?

As a mortgage broker, you fall into a Trusted Advisor category under the CDR Rules. This means we can share raw data with you as you are already subject to stringent regulations and laws on the protection of your customers’ data.

If you do not fall into a Trusted Advisor category, you can receive insights from us without becoming accredited. If you need raw data, for example transaction data, then you will need to become accredited under the CDR.

Access our APIs

Check out our Developer Portal for free to begin your own testing and development using Skript’s APIs.

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