Data Skript

Transforming data into information

Providing you with the right data and insights to build meaningful relationships with your customers.


Verify customer identity and account ownership

Customer Check

Verify your customer’s bank account details and ownership.

Check customer balance

Balance Check

Check your customer’s balance to ensure they have sufficient funds to pay you.

Provide meaningful insights to your customers


Access your customer’s transactions securely and automatically.

Transform your customer onboarding flow by pre-populating data

Aggregated Accounts

Provide your customers with an aggregated view of all their bank accounts.

How It Works


Get consent

We host the process to get consent from your customer to share their specific data, in accordance with CDR requirements


Get data

We collect your customer’s data from their financial institutions


Provide data to you

We make your customer’s data available to you via our simple API

What accreditation do I need to access Data Skript?

For most of our Data Skript features, we only share insights with you rather than the raw data. This means you don’t need to be accredited as the data isn’t personally identifiable information.

If you would like the raw data, for example transaction data, then you will need to be accredited or fall under a Trusted Advisor category.

Access our APIs

Check out our Developer Portal for free to begin your own testing and development using Skript’s APIs.

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